..gettting there..

getting these is the battle.
since my birthday in october, i have been working on a diet. as
much as i hate to call it that, that is exactly what it is. what pulled
me to this specific plan was the "clean" eating. and in the beginning
it was pretty radical. i have cut out sugar, salt and caffeine...and
that was just the beginning. cutting sugar meant no more lattes,
no more dirty hippies, peanut butter m&m's...nada. no salt meant
no longer shaking the salt over my food 3-4 times during he meal
and of course no caffeine also meant cutting out the lattes, diets,
chocolate. all of it. and i did. the first two weeks weren't terrible
but by the end of it, i was literally gagging on lettuce i had had so
many salads. but by week three....the menu opened up a bit
and one of the biggest savers was getting fruit at lunch. so after
2.5 i weighed in and ihave lost 25lbs.
...before i go any further, i just want to say this - i am not looking
for any kudos, or cheers....i put myself in such a bad place with my
eating and my weight, but i am writing this only because i know
there are so many others out there feeling the same way. so if
you are someone who is down on yourself because you feel you
are too heavy, or you feel tired and unmotivated - you can do it to.
i was at the point where just a drive down the street meant me
sitting in the car very upset because as we drove, my belly jiggled.
i had quit all exercise because i had no energy and i hated feeling
my flabbyness in constant motion. i was so self conscience, that i
found myself always tugging on my shirts to make sure they were
pulled down over my waist band. and most would say...kelly you
really aren't that heavy....well yes i was. since bryce and i got
married over 9 years ago - i had gained over 40lbs. for someone
who is 5'3.5 - that is way too much extra weight and the worse
part was i would eat so many high carbs and sugar, that i would
literally crash almost daily. it wasn't healthy and i had begun to
hate myself because of it.
i have 5 weeks left before i work on the stabiliazation period
and 10 more lbs to go. i still will be keeping sugars, salts
and caffeine out of my diet. my goal is to never put myself
back into that bad place....will i eat sugar again...sure
i already have. i allow myself a spoon of ice cream, i have
nibbled on a french fry. because that just isn't in my reality
never to have those things. but what is in my reality is that
i feel the best i have since we got married. when i run on the
treadmill now, my stomach isn't in the way, i can run with no is glorious.
so...if you are wanting to start, or you are down on yourself
because you have gained more than you are comfortable with
then find what will work for you. you can do it. i sat for over
5 years, feeling worse and worse about myself, refusing to
believe that i could do it. never daring to just pick myself
up and say no more. but after a little over 2 months i have
lost a significant amount of weight. see you can do it - and
in a short amount of time, in a very healthy manner.


Hayley Egan said...

Good for you! This is inspirational.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

this is me
giving you a smooch
on each cheek
so proud of you girl!


Nancie Rowe Janitz said...

What an inspirational post to happen on today! I would love to hear how you did this as I am struggling too!
xoxo Nan

Lauren Parker said...

Wow, Kelly,
First all the beautiful art you've been creating, now this amazing are truly and inspiration!

jenny said...

I know you're not looking for this... but congratulations! You are to be commended for sticking with it! I'm thrilled for you, being in a place where you are more comfortable in your skin. Cheers!

Lori said...

I'm so happy for you, Kelly! I've been off sugar for a week now. Not crashing quite so much in the afternoons. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

susan said...

so nice to read this kelly --- and so good for you kelly! it's a good feeling to love yourself in this way -- i started a new way of eating the day after thanksgiving and have lost 11 pounds with 30 more to go - but feel wonderful. sure, there are tiny setbacks but the big change inside makes you charge ahead. check out dr. mark hyman - that is the detox i have used and it's a life changing experience.

jenica said...

you freakin' rock. and honestly, your status updates have encouraged me to try a little harder myself. you're amazing.

Jennifer said...

I am so proud of you. you are a rockstar. not only for taking the steps and going for it but for sharing your honesty right here with all of us. Thank you so much for motivating me to push a little hard and take that step that i keep not taking.