spc brian bowman, our hometown boy, was killed jan.3, 2010
today our little town step up to show honor for a young
man who has died protecting our country. i knew they were asking
people to show support and stand along the funeral route around
11am today. bryce had my car and was going to swing by the house
to pick me up at the same time and i had decided to run on the
treadmill, at the high school when i took him back to drop him off.
...i was really feeling bad that i wasn't going to be standing on that
route. but i hadn't ran since sunday and with our car situation, i
had to take the opportunity to get there and exercise. so we headed
out to the high school and as we hit st rd could see hundreds
of people lining the street flags held high waiting to show their respect.
...i had mentioned to bryce, that i wished the school had the kids out
lined up in front of the school and he told me they would be out there.
we decided to head to the school, taking the back way, incase the drive
was blocked . as we pulled in you could see the whole student body
standing along the highway. it is so cold here today, but the sky is blue
and the sun is shining...but the wind is pretty crisp. what does that
really matter....doesnt. what mattered is that as bryce and i walked
towards the crowd of students and could see flags of
all sizes, the students were braving the cold, they were participating.
....i found it very hard not to lose control of my emotions. i hold so
many deep inside about this war. and regardless....i respect every single
one of our men and women who sacrifice for each of us. the sirens of the motorcade came closer, i suddenly realized the hush
that had come across the line of students. those kids step up and got it.
it was a beatiful sight.
...from the cars you could see some of the people wave, some smiled at us.
many held flags outside their car windows and two large double decker charter
buses full of supports, also passed.
...our little city hasn't experience a hometown loss since 1969. and that astonishes
me. as a mama, it is not even possible to put my arms around the emotions that
his mother is experiencing and as a wife, can't go there either. but today i am
proud to be part of this burg, thousands left work, left their warm homes and our
school stepped up and allowed our kids to experience something important.
..spc brian bowman my thanks and respect follow you..


Anonymous said...

Every why has a wherefore.........................................

Jennifer said...

oh this just brought tears to my eyes.