..full tank..

hula's ttv class - squam art workshops 2009.
still pondering my "word" of 2010. i mean, seriously...the choices
are endless. when i think back over 09', i see much transformation.
which was necessary and very good. and i am ready for goodness
this year. and for a really quick short list of what i want to accomplish
here we go.
1. work harder to be organized and keep up on the biz side of things
2. work along with my craft inc. books
3. paint several hours each day...excluding weekends.
4. work on ideas for new products
5. move forward in my new venture in digital scrapbook designs.
6. open my new website and etsy shop
7. take a vacation...a real vacation. beach, beer, books and me.
8. keep a book with my goals. update as things happen
9. read more
10. continue to take care of myself. maintain weight and exercise.
11. finish a sprint tri
12. run another 5k
13. paint the studio, add inspiration board and artwork...damn gabled walls
14. add new painting station. so i can stand to paint.
15. find fun new boxes to store and organize.
okay...15 is plenty for now. lets see how i am doing by the end of july.
peace, ya'll.


vivienne said...

i can so see you accomplishing every single one!

Liz said...

you're so going to have all this started and/or done by mid April, and adding another 15 to here... SO what's your word!?!?!

chrissy said...

these are all really great.
you gave me some good ideas for myself as well.
have you ever done a triathlon before?
that was one of my goals YEARS ago and now it's an obsession...for SURE do one.
much love,

daisies said...

these are fantastic ... i am doing a sprint tri this spring as well and want to run another 5k too :-)