a new gig

there are times in your life when you meet someone
and don't realize where that may lead. i met
miss danielle in october at the be present retreat
and we really didn't talk to much until the last nite
when we both leaned against the fridge door and
just started spilling. we both soon realized that
our path was quite the same. we had both gone
back to school to get our graphic design degree,
we have kids about the same age, we are blonde
and we love color and to paint. most importantly
we have kept in touch.

and my curiosity about her "off hours gig" lead
to a new gig for me. this month i am the featured
artist at an online digital
scrapbook resource.

some days you just need a little warmth on the bun
and my how those creative juices begin to flow.

please head over and see all the fun stuff. you might
just find some fun kits to work with for your own digital

this has been so much fun!

happy . happy!


Mindy Lacefield said...

yes....!!! this is absolutely beautiful my love. wonderfully fabulous. so excited.

nina said...

Fantastic! I can't believe all the elements available. How long did all this take?


Liz said...

this is so cool, i love your spunky-ness!

patty said...

Love it, love that you are keeping in touch and love that you are trying new things - that's what it's all about! YouGoGirl!

curious girl (lisa) said...

ooh am loving the overlays! you rock my friend.

elizabeth said...

I looked at the stuff that was available. So creatively amazing!

You could use your digital skillz to create custom headers/etc. for artist-types. :)

Jennifer said...

That is so cool. You are a rockstar!

K8 said...

So crazy. you just never know where the inspiration is going to come from, do you? awesome!