it's in you...really

c'mon and celebrate with the betties....10,000 views!
okay, so here is the what of the what. this week i have been
overwhelmed with so much goodness going on. little random
acts of kindness, proving to me that we still get it, there
there is hope and that i am not alone in this crazy, stress-ball
of a world. so today in celebration of all the help heading
to sister haiti's way, little acts that mean the world and
just because some days we need a little more light than
others. here is my list of 5 superbad-ass things!
1. scrappybetties are celebrating their 10,000 views. their blog
is full of happy. i love hopping over there to see what they are
working on and this week there is a party. so head over, each
day they will post another prompt and the best part is, if you share
the link with your friends and let them know - your name goes
in the giveaways! day 1 is send an anonymous
card. i have a list! so i better get busy. go on...i said hop on over
to here.
2. myriam has began her own little push to raise money
for her homeland, haiti. born in the states, as a little girl she
was sent to live with her family in haiti. today, she is showing
up and believing that she can bring them hope and love. i love
that! joy for haiti is an easy way to give back and show a little
love yourself. if you can, please make a donation, size does not
matter here folks. it is simply about taking a little step. together
we can make a huge dent in this. since i made my donation last nite
the amount has grown by $2,000. that just makes me smile.
3. and i can't continue until i give you a little more encouragement
to donate to myriam hope. the most talented kelly rae roberts has
a little opportunity to anyone who does take part in myriam's quest.
head over to her blog to find out what she is up too...calling all hearts.
3. etsy....lots of little shops are supporting haiti. and the best part is
you can find some really fun and unique arts and crafts while you
4. indiefixx has a haiti fundraisor as well. it is all in the bidding on
this one.
5. ....and last, just a little excitement for me. the dali lama will be back
in may. i will be there! this makes me so happy.
now, how can you even feel down today with all this kindness!


..alter.. for haiti. peace for all.
i have several little alters in my house. they
are reminders of places i have been, moments
of life. my alter on my mantle in the family is
filled with little tea candles and twinkle lites.
several icon pieces and my holy candle. she has
burned quite a bit lately...first for brian
bowman, our sister HAITI, kurt glancy and now
for a family i hold so dear to my heart. they
have lost a son, grandson, brother, nephew.
his name is henry. i never met him, i love and
adore his family. today i send my thoughts and
prayers to circle them with warmth and care.
just as i raise our sister haiti up. that they find
a speedy way to find homes for all those children
who are without a family.
january will be leaving soon. dear february -
show us all a little kindness and grace.



spc brian bowman, our hometown boy, was killed jan.3, 2010
today our little town step up to show honor for a young
man who has died protecting our country. i knew they were asking
people to show support and stand along the funeral route around
11am today. bryce had my car and was going to swing by the house
to pick me up at the same time and i had decided to run on the
treadmill, at the high school when i took him back to drop him off.
...i was really feeling bad that i wasn't going to be standing on that
route. but i hadn't ran since sunday and with our car situation, i
had to take the opportunity to get there and exercise. so we headed
out to the high school and as we hit st rd could see hundreds
of people lining the street flags held high waiting to show their respect.
...i had mentioned to bryce, that i wished the school had the kids out
lined up in front of the school and he told me they would be out there.
we decided to head to the school, taking the back way, incase the drive
was blocked . as we pulled in you could see the whole student body
standing along the highway. it is so cold here today, but the sky is blue
and the sun is shining...but the wind is pretty crisp. what does that
really matter....doesnt. what mattered is that as bryce and i walked
towards the crowd of students and could see flags of
all sizes, the students were braving the cold, they were participating.
....i found it very hard not to lose control of my emotions. i hold so
many deep inside about this war. and regardless....i respect every single
one of our men and women who sacrifice for each of us. the sirens of the motorcade came closer, i suddenly realized the hush
that had come across the line of students. those kids step up and got it.
it was a beatiful sight.
...from the cars you could see some of the people wave, some smiled at us.
many held flags outside their car windows and two large double decker charter
buses full of supports, also passed.
...our little city hasn't experience a hometown loss since 1969. and that astonishes
me. as a mama, it is not even possible to put my arms around the emotions that
his mother is experiencing and as a wife, can't go there either. but today i am
proud to be part of this burg, thousands left work, left their warm homes and our
school stepped up and allowed our kids to experience something important.
..spc brian bowman my thanks and respect follow you..


..gettting there..

getting these is the battle.
since my birthday in october, i have been working on a diet. as
much as i hate to call it that, that is exactly what it is. what pulled
me to this specific plan was the "clean" eating. and in the beginning
it was pretty radical. i have cut out sugar, salt and caffeine...and
that was just the beginning. cutting sugar meant no more lattes,
no more dirty hippies, peanut butter m&m's...nada. no salt meant
no longer shaking the salt over my food 3-4 times during he meal
and of course no caffeine also meant cutting out the lattes, diets,
chocolate. all of it. and i did. the first two weeks weren't terrible
but by the end of it, i was literally gagging on lettuce i had had so
many salads. but by week three....the menu opened up a bit
and one of the biggest savers was getting fruit at lunch. so after
2.5 i weighed in and ihave lost 25lbs.
...before i go any further, i just want to say this - i am not looking
for any kudos, or cheers....i put myself in such a bad place with my
eating and my weight, but i am writing this only because i know
there are so many others out there feeling the same way. so if
you are someone who is down on yourself because you feel you
are too heavy, or you feel tired and unmotivated - you can do it to.
i was at the point where just a drive down the street meant me
sitting in the car very upset because as we drove, my belly jiggled.
i had quit all exercise because i had no energy and i hated feeling
my flabbyness in constant motion. i was so self conscience, that i
found myself always tugging on my shirts to make sure they were
pulled down over my waist band. and most would say...kelly you
really aren't that heavy....well yes i was. since bryce and i got
married over 9 years ago - i had gained over 40lbs. for someone
who is 5'3.5 - that is way too much extra weight and the worse
part was i would eat so many high carbs and sugar, that i would
literally crash almost daily. it wasn't healthy and i had begun to
hate myself because of it.
i have 5 weeks left before i work on the stabiliazation period
and 10 more lbs to go. i still will be keeping sugars, salts
and caffeine out of my diet. my goal is to never put myself
back into that bad place....will i eat sugar again...sure
i already have. i allow myself a spoon of ice cream, i have
nibbled on a french fry. because that just isn't in my reality
never to have those things. but what is in my reality is that
i feel the best i have since we got married. when i run on the
treadmill now, my stomach isn't in the way, i can run with no is glorious.
so...if you are wanting to start, or you are down on yourself
because you have gained more than you are comfortable with
then find what will work for you. you can do it. i sat for over
5 years, feeling worse and worse about myself, refusing to
believe that i could do it. never daring to just pick myself
up and say no more. but after a little over 2 months i have
lost a significant amount of weight. see you can do it - and
in a short amount of time, in a very healthy manner.


..full tank..

hula's ttv class - squam art workshops 2009.
still pondering my "word" of 2010. i mean, seriously...the choices
are endless. when i think back over 09', i see much transformation.
which was necessary and very good. and i am ready for goodness
this year. and for a really quick short list of what i want to accomplish
here we go.
1. work harder to be organized and keep up on the biz side of things
2. work along with my craft inc. books
3. paint several hours each day...excluding weekends.
4. work on ideas for new products
5. move forward in my new venture in digital scrapbook designs.
6. open my new website and etsy shop
7. take a vacation...a real vacation. beach, beer, books and me.
8. keep a book with my goals. update as things happen
9. read more
10. continue to take care of myself. maintain weight and exercise.
11. finish a sprint tri
12. run another 5k
13. paint the studio, add inspiration board and artwork...damn gabled walls
14. add new painting station. so i can stand to paint.
15. find fun new boxes to store and organize.
okay...15 is plenty for now. lets see how i am doing by the end of july.
peace, ya'll.



new baubles in the shop.
stop by and take a look....
peace and thank you.


a new gig

there are times in your life when you meet someone
and don't realize where that may lead. i met
miss danielle in october at the be present retreat
and we really didn't talk to much until the last nite
when we both leaned against the fridge door and
just started spilling. we both soon realized that
our path was quite the same. we had both gone
back to school to get our graphic design degree,
we have kids about the same age, we are blonde
and we love color and to paint. most importantly
we have kept in touch.

and my curiosity about her "off hours gig" lead
to a new gig for me. this month i am the featured
artist at an online digital
scrapbook resource.

some days you just need a little warmth on the bun
and my how those creative juices begin to flow.

please head over and see all the fun stuff. you might
just find some fun kits to work with for your own digital

this has been so much fun!

happy . happy!


new the shop.

bloom girl one . bad fog vintage locket . free me

new originals, prints and baubles in the shop.

..come on over for a visit. we would love to see you..