rowdy girls

just got back from an exciting shopping excursion with my
best pal, heather.

okay i lied-it wasn't exciting. i HATE shopping. no i mean
it, i really hate to go shopping. it is painful to stand in
the dressing mirror and see every imperfection that you
have been blessed with. this 40 thing is for the birds!
sure the glams of hollywood can spout off all they want
about the beauty of 40. they have money to spend on
cosmetics, colonics[what's up with that!], plastic
surgery, new boobs [they lift em' so high, they can
lick em themselves!] really i don't feel very different,
but i do know that my butt is not is the same spot as
last year!

i do love to shop for art supplies though. i just got
some new yarns on saturday. very exciting!

so in case you are wondering. the girlies above are
the rowdy girls...that's right, ms. heather and myself
this summer. we were out for my sister-in-laws
bachelorette bash. very fun time i must say.

no matter what, we make each other laugh. we
actually laugh so hard, we tend to annoy others
around us. everyone needs a friend like that.


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