no sleep


MadFlyTom said...

This is sweet! I bet you could do this same idea, only with paint brushes, sketching pencils, hot dogs... maybe not the hot dogs.

Or how about coming up with a journal cover (barnes and nobel sells a simple journal "refill" that you could use as a starting point) and then make places to hold pencils and pens! I'd buy one....if it was manly enough!

kelly said...

you rock tom!
you know the ideas
are spinning in my

Kim Carney said...

Kelly: I am behind the times with my Nikon Coolpix 950. I use the Raynox macro lens, a small lens that fits the Coolpix. What I long for is the Canon Rebel, you can use Canon lenses, all my friends bought it when it came out, they love it. I hear it shoots like a regular camera. I will also ask my photo friend, and post any other suggestions. Cheers! Kim