happy girl

happy i really? probably not so much on some days.
but it is something i like to shoot for on a daily basis.

i am neurotic, moody, insecure and a big scaredy cat. who isn't?
i just like to remind myself that i suffer from these tendencies.
but deep within, i know that there is a happy girl just waiting

to sneak a peak of this crazy thing we call life. she even
occasionally comes out and finds her spot.

maybe one day i will just fly and rid myself of the moody

tendencies and find that inner happy self and set her


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Kim Carney said...

I feel like that all the time. I feel there is a majestic artist in me and some day she is going to explode out of my head, leaving the old, insecure me sitting there in a daze. Funny, really, when I know the majestic artist is really in there right now. I ask, what am I waiting for?