sugar & spice

ever wonder where your childhood has gone.
sugar and spice and everything nice...

knealing at the sink, finishing up my daily chores. i loved
this kitchen in waynetown. bright red cabinets, barnwood
walls. pat and karen were way ahead of their time. they
could take a piece of any scrap and turn it into a functional
piece. 32 years later, they are still doing it and so am i. my
dad recently bought a kiln and has started throwing again.
he has a little workshop out in the back yard. he is happy

i often wonder if the youth today are gaining anything in this
life. we rush them from practice to practice, club to club.
grabbing drive-thru treats...hmmm and we wonder why our
kids are on prozac and obese.

we ran through the streets everyday. rode our bikes through
the country. swam in the creek built our own campfires, we
did our chores - minus allowance.

daisy tiara's
hollyhock dolls
army blankets & clothesline make for great tents
erin and i rode one bike to the pool daily - i peddled and she
steared while positioned on the handlebars - beach towel
waving in the wind

lost innocence


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just love your last two entries....daisy tiara's brought back wonderful memories!!

Would you like to swap links? ?

That would be awesome!


Anonymous said...

i can't figure out how to e-mail you so here is my response to your post in case you don't go to my site to read it:

How exciting to be embarking on your own Kelly! Good luck!

If you go to my licensing page you will see: "Creative Wings", "Peace", "Monster", "Cut out doll", "I love my coffee", "Artful Life "...etc. These are done with a Sakura Micron pen and the colour was added with watercolour pencil crayons. The other illustrations are created with a micron pen then digitally coloured in Photoshop. The other illustrations i just mentioned were "tweaked" in Photoshop to make the colours pop a bit more. The do look pretty cool in real life too!

Feel free to ask me any more questions!

Love, Violette

Gates said...
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Gates said...

Innocence, I wish it could become the only noun in the world.

One word
So full of meaning
So full of life