six and counting

i have six days left of a full time design job.
reality is setting in. my sleep patterns
are very messy. i am not even going to
bed until the weeeeeeeee hours and of
course then i have to get up and start
all over. last friday nite i stayed up until
2am. i wasn't tired so i decided to make
a crochet hook holder from scratch! ...see
pic above.

we went to chicago this weekend to see
old college buddies of my husband. i
chicago. all the little communities nestled
away under a blanket of trees. i don't know
that i would love chicago in the winter....nestled
under a blanket of snow and high winds though.

bryce and i had to laugh as we waited for our
car to be brought out of the parking garage
by the valet. this was the scene - mercedes,
mercedes, bmw....liberty, lexus and finally
our pride and joy - the hoopty [sable].
bryce looked at me, we jumped in the car
and took off. [bryce went to depauw][his
friends all make lots of money][bryce is in
education] enough said.

i love hanging with old friends and catching
up. speaking of old friends, i get to have lunch
with one of my favorites next week. can't wait


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