gavin leo

it was sad this past weekend. i have finally
had to make a very hard decision about what
to do with our pup - gavin leo. we have had
him for 5 years this february. he came home
with us all the way from atlanta, georgia - he
was only 7 weeks old. he is a yorkie and so
adorable. but he was the runt and is a very
hi-strung pup. our house is filled with kids,
walkers go past daily and in all honesty, he
has been on sensory overload. he has bit
3 people since summer - never breaking the
skin thankfully. but bit a friend of mine and
left a bad mark. thankfully i know her well and
she loves animals and was very understanding.

so i had to sit the kids down and tell them that
we would have to look for a new home for him.
2 weeks ago my sister, erin, called to say she
knew a lady who would love to have gavin. she
is a widow and has a 10 year old yorkie, tucker.
so i called and we went over all the details and
agreed that she would take him for 7 days to see
how gavin and tucker would get along. i also
made sure that i explained all his bad habits, so that
she knew what she was getting into.

saturday, i packed up his most prized possessions
and i drove him to brownsburg to meet his new
family. as heather and i pulled into the drive, we
saw a sign on the door that said "welcome gavin"
it even had streamers. as the opened the door
her daugther was video taping gavin's grand entry.
to my amazement, tucker and gavin look like twins!
donna has a yorkie bathroom that is filled with pictures
of tucker. i knew that he would be happy there.
but i did cry myself to sleep saturday nite. and i
the last two morning i have looked in clancy's room
to see if he is in his usual napping spot, on her bed.
its funny how you have such habits.

i will take the kids this weekend to say goodbye if
they choose to keep him. gabe and clancy are sad
but they know we will get a new puppy that is a better
fit with such an active household.

so baby gavin, that is what they call him, is at his new
house and i am amazed at how quiet the house has
been. i do miss him and it has been a very hard decision.
but such is life and i know he will be much happier with
tucker to play with everyday, and a more peaceful
environment to live.

{give thanks for unknown blessings already on there way}
~native american saying


la vie en rose said...

what a difficult decision to make. bless you and your family as you go through this time of change. it sounds like he is going to a good home and will be well loved. i think the adjustment period is a very wise thing...that way you can know without a doubt that he is going to a place where he will be loved and that there will be no regrets.

mati rose said...

i am so sorry kelly:(

In Otter Space said...

Making difficult descisons can just break a person's heart. Although tough, you taught your kids such a valueable lesson. And someday when your ready the right pup will come into your life. I am thinking Gavin will feel the love and Tucker will put him in his place. Let us know.... Lisa

Swirly said...

Wow, I know that must have been hard. It sounds like he will be in a happy home, though.

(((Big hug)))