yesterday, i had nothing. but

thanks to some very sweet chickies....
i sat myself down, wiped away the self
sabotaging thoughts and went to work.
now this is just my start, but with that
came a series that i am going to work on.
i would like to get started with maybe
5 pieces. i also brought out an old
idea for another series. my goal is to
enter our art exhibition in the fall.

so you heard it here people....kelly
is going to stop the self loathing, she
is going to stop sabotaging her chances
to get out there and produce -

the girl
is born!

{if you follow your bliss, doors will open
for you that wouldn't have opened for
anyone else ~ joseph campbell}


la vie en rose said...

amen sista! wow! entering an art exhibit is so cool! how exciting.

kat said...

beautiful artwork! i'm so excited to see what this series will become! brava!

kristen said...

ohmyfreaking WOW!! you go girl!!

melanie said...

you're amazing, Kelly. this is absolutely fabulous -- one of my favs of your work -- and i am so happy you made the choice to just DO IT!!

Heather said...

She is amazing!! I love her hair, good for you, Can't wait to see more.

Karen said...

Kelly, your work is awesome. I love the whimsey and your color sense. You posted a comment to my blog so now I'm hooked on yours.. Cheers!

dpsinger said...

Kelly! I love it! Great work, great courage!

violetismycolor said...

Good for you that you have set that goal...

Raquelle said...

go for it girl!

Gabreael said...

Good luck with your goal!


firstborn studio said...

kelly girl. this is an amazing piece and YOU are very inspiring to me~

liz elayne said...

fantastic...this is gorgeous.

Heather said...

I love it!