got nothing

wow...i am finding it really hard
to come up with anything to share.

things are busy at home, shuffling
kids here and there. finishing up
a few jobs and of course, plenty
of work around the house. but
that is all i have at the moment.
i continue to tell myself that i am
going to start painting again, i have
some ideas for necklaces and bracelets
that i want to try, but i just can't seem
to kick it in gear.

i do continue to read my daily blogs
and i love the inspiration and talent that
i find, but just can't seem to apply that
to my creative self. but the week is
young...we'll see what happens


Swirly said...

I think the most difficult part of any creative endeavor is just starting. I hereby cheer you on - JUST START! Don't worry about finishing anything for now or making anything perfect.

melanie said...

i agree... i bet if you just get yourself going with something creative, you'll find you shake yourself into gear in no time! don't worry about the end result, just focus on being in the creative moment. (yes, i know this is easier said than done!)

kristen said...

i think you just have to do it. or if not, you have to do something else. ie i find it hard to paint but love it when i do. sometimes i look at fun blogs or painting books to get me pumped...

la vie en rose said...

just last night i blogged about sometimes feeling so empty and other times feeling so full. it's such a frustrating cycle.