looking for a re-SOLUTION!

once has been forever since
i have posted. i just haven't had the
energy. i have continued to check out
all my favorite sistas, and i have made
a comment here and there. but i
just can't seem to find the energy to
post. most everyone is talking about
resolutions for this new year. me, i
don't have any. i never stick to them.
i have only completed several items on
my 41st list. and they are small things.
i continue to see the sweet projects that
everyone seems to be completing and
i get down, knowing that i am not creative
at the moment. i guess i am just on sensory

yesterday we put away all the decorations -
but when i got up this a.m., i realized i hadn't
taken down the wreath on my front door...teehee
so i will just leave it up a bit longer. cheri' moved
some furniture around in the living room - wow!
what a difference it makes to shuffle it around.
we were lumps after that. we watched hgtv and
uh-ed and ah-ed with all the homes.

so on this new monday morn.....

happy new years to each of you! i wish you and
yours much happiness and prosperity in this
new year. thank you for blessing me in 2005.


Marilyn said...

Happy New Year to YOU! Any chance you might want to join the group of Blogging The Artist's Way beginning this week? Brainchild of Kat at Kat's Paws...details at her site:

(Or at mine.)

melanie said...

hey, kelly... sorry to hear you're in a creative funk... i was in a bit of a funk myself as 2006 rolled in, now i'm in purge mode and feeling better as i get a grip on some of the clutter. going to make time for art journaling today and hopefully get back into the groove!

you should think about doing the artist's way as marilyn suggested! i'm usually not too great at sticking to things like that, especially in a group, but i'm going to give it a try...

keep your chin up... and happy 2006 to you!

la vie en rose said...

wishing you a wonderful and creative new year!