this is heather and myself in about 1998.
heathers hair is longer, mine is shorter.
and if she ever wanted to wear that outfit
again i would scream..."what not to wear,
what not to wear!"
we have been pals for a very long time.
since 1998 she has finished law school, had a baby
and passed the bar.

i have finished school, fell in love, married bryce
and changed jobs 3 times.
we have watched 3 of our kids graduate
high school and her two step kids are now engaged.
she and tom were with bryce and i the night we
got engaged in front the the perry's motel on
the beach [daytona]. they were waiting for us with
a bottle of bad champagne at the sea wall.
we have been known to shop with walkie talkies.
we have shown our tattoos off in the silver dollar

sometimes a pez dispenser is referred to when describing
our laugh, blow horns also come to mind.
she can sing a mean coppacabana [watch out manilow]

they celebrated our wedding by traveling back to daytona
with us for our honeymoon. [separate rooms of course]
i was in the delivery room when she and tom welcomed
matthew paul into our big extended family.
i have saved her from heel munching jean seams
she has saved me from taking myself too seriously.
she is a law-yer, i am a designer.
she has issues with control, i have issues with balancing
a checkbook.

she has to wear professional wear, thank you lord i get
to wear jeans and a t-shirt daily.
she is a big fat giggle in my life.
we lean on each other daily.


la vie en rose said...

lucky indeed! what a beautiful friend to share your life and memories with.

Swirly said...

Girlfriends. Are. The. BEST.

Raquelle said...

What a beautiful tribute to your friend! Too sweet. Sounds like you two have a strong bond.