studio friday [practice makes perfect}

hmmm.....practice makes perfect. oh if only
i let this be true. wow this is a really hard
thing for me. you see, i am one of those people
who watch from afar and only wish and dream
that my life was like someone else's, my art
was as good as others, i was a thin as such
and such. so i tend to sabotage myself before
i even get started. i really do!

but i am learning. i laugh at myself alot. take
for instance to self portrait above. i am constantly
using my digital to get a good shot of myself. i
have probably taken over 100 pics of me! i have
saved 5! oh do i laugh at those pictures. oh the
faces i make. do i really look like that? is that
how people see me? ughhh. but i keep pluggin

my art....boy, i really am searching for my style.
i have one. but i just have to start puttin g it
on canvas. i have tons of sketches, doodles, ideas
written out. but i am so afraid to produce. you can
see some of my attempts and next to them are my
mati prints i just got in the mail! i can't wait to get
them framed and hung. check out her stuff here....
they are even better in person! and on my big envelope
she drew one of her flowers with MY company name -
oh so sweet! so i guess what i am saying is - one day
if i practice - maybe i will be the artist that mati is.
[*oops the artist that kelly will be!]

practice makes perfect [at least that's what mama used to say]


kat said...

you are wonderful just as you are darlin.

when i'm having trouble getting from the sketch phase to the actual work, i like to give myself permission to make total and utter crap. somehow it takes some of the pressure off.

perfection is over-rated i think :-)

i think our flaws are what make us beautiful and unique!

so, be the beautifully flawed person you are. remember, there's no one else quite like you in the entire world! how crazy and amazing is that! (((hugs)))

erilyn said...

i can empathize with this thought train...

mati rose said...

you are tooooo kind kelly! blessings to you and all of our imperfections and beauty xoxoxo mati

la vie en rose said...

great stuff! and while i agree about the practice i have to say that it won't make you the artist "mati" will make you the artist KELLY is...and that's a good and perfect thing.

Enid Yvette said...


Don't worry about style. I really truly feel that sytle is a bad word just as talent is. You can be talented and have a certain look or style, but if you don't do the work it means nothing. Just create. Give yourself permission to do bad work and good work. As the late great Miles Davis once said "Don't fear mistakes, there are none."

sharonwisely said...

Looks to me like you are well on your way to being it all!

Swirly said... the artist that KELLY can be. We need her!!

liz elayne said...

you are such an inspiration.
i understand this fear...
letting it go seems to be the only way...and i am learning to give myself permission to just create.

Joy Eliz said...

In my eyes, you are a talented artist already.
The inner critic can only see in black and white - either and nor and we know life isn't that way.
You are worthy
Your are talented
Your art needs to be seen regardless of what you think of it.
Can you imagine if Monet didn't like his stuff and burned it all?

Anonymous said...

I can understand the struggles, and I think you're definitely on the right track here - and I'm sure you are closer to "perfect" than you think. I remember a few years ago, when I was struggling to find my own style - and didn't realize I already had one. Pretty funny to think back at.
wynlen -

Misty Mawn said...

Honestly....I LOVE your style! I think you are a great artist! Just keep going and ENJOY it!!!

heidi said...

perfect is a powerful word...when we strive for perfection, it tends to get in the way of the journey towards just being ourselves. acceptance of our flaws is so much more fulfilling and forgiving.

Marianne said...

Haha... I can relate to your story about taking selfportraits. If I need to send a photo of myself you don't wanna know how many shots I have been taking before the final photo is send. I'm always trying to make the perfect shot. I know it's difficult to find your own style, but most of the time it's already there but you don't see it yet. And I agree Mati's work is great... a great inspiration but stay true to yourself.