funky finds art giveaway

head on over to funky finds for the september giveaway.
the happygirl shop is giving away two prints of your choice.
all you have to do is leave comments for your favorite shops
so you can comment on as many as you want.

last month i won a $45 gift certificate from harrilu.!


Amy said...

hey happy girl. your little print I bought at Squam has a happy new home in my "studio" (i.e. attic with benefits) and I just wanted to say how thrilled it makes me when I look at it. So thanks, and maybe I'll try to win another at funkyfinds.

Lovin' that song. It's one of my ipod favorites.

have a sweet day!

Susan Tuttle said...

Thanks for the wonderful tip! Hope you are well!


Beth said...

I couldn't find your email....

I didn't know we had kids the same age look way too young !!!

my oldest is 20 and will be a college senior in january....and of course jack at 17 is my baby....

oh how time flies...and occasionally spins out of control and lands splat, right on the floor in front of you...but those teenagers, I wouldn't trade them for anything !!