a thursday and a wedding

mavris art center ~ indianapolis photo courtesy of mavris

a thursday nite wedding, who does that?

that is all i could focus
on yesterday as i drove to indy for this
wedding. miz c played club
volleyball with the bride. i get up at
4:15am each morning - so the
thought of getting home on a week
nite so late is not appealing.
but this place made it all worth it.

the mavris is an old converted
warehouse. three floors of exposed
brick and beam. a side yard
terrace that would make anyone drool.
and as the music began and
the first course served, the black blinds
in each window - raised
to expose the gorgeous indy nite sky. heaven
is where i was last nite.
i have to take the little jewels of moments,
as i get them. living
here - we don't have options like the mavris.
all i could do on the
ride home was plan my future store front. artgallery
and design
shop first floor, reception hall 2nd floor, class rooms or
3rd floor. i swear this is the only way my athletic
department, loyal
husband will keep me here in the little sleepy town.
we have the
buildings to do it. we can downsize and become loft
dwellers, we
really can! i just have to run it past the man! yeah
right - we all
know i am the ruler of the land!

i also realized last nite that my nite blindness has gotten much worse.
i don't like driving at nite - because....I CANT SEE!!!! i about took
out a curb on delaware street. miz c asked if i had had more than
one beer, no only one - four hours prior. [insert - do you know how
good a cold heinie is, while vegging in a really sweet art center is -
the best!] after i dropped her off, i am heading down 116st, a
road i have traveled many days and nites. so i go to turn on
to 96th to head to the interstate and realized i am turning onto
the oncoming lanes! i had to swerve to get to my lanes, because
i have NITE BLINDNESS and can't see. i can't believe i didn't get
pulled over for suspision of drunk driving. i was mortified. and
laughing all at once. i finally pulled safely into town around 11:30.
looking for a nappie this afternoon.

the mavris is owned by john, nicely done john!

oh and happy weekend - woowhoo!


kristen said...

yeah, i should be going to a lenscrafter to check on my eyes but i haven't because i'm in denial.

i'm wondering why you get up so dang early during the week...

happy weekend!

aimee said...

very cool! i'm crazy about old structures repurposed into lofts.

melissa said...

i'm with you on the night blindness...boy it sucks getting older. i know i need glasses but refuse to get my eyes checked! hope you get a nap in! xo melissa

Beth said...

ohhh that building....yeah, that's one of my dreams, too !!

actually the hubby is on that with me....when the kids are gone, loft living with "our" shop below us !!!

and ummm....the night are not's a wonder we all aren't out there running into each other... as I also have it bad....

and if you add rain to the evening...well, I might as well be drunker than blindness !!!

jess gonacha said...

sounds fun!!! glad you didn't get pulled over-- i'm that way driving at night, too! I can't see a darn thing!
(And thank you, dear Kelly, for the sweetest comment EVER on my blog today. You are the BEST.) xoxoxo!

Jamie said...

Good grief Kelly, be careful! :)

jenica said...

that's my exact dream! well, first floor reception center, second floor gallery, third floor classrooms/loft. why don't we live closer?

i'm just glad that kirsten was driving that night in sandwich. haha.