morning, lake girls, and a few boys...

image kindly borrowed from beth, photo take by heather

the sun is shining today in middle indiana, but squam cool to
say the least. i am curious if any of you have had an emotional
let down this week. yesterday i trucked over to wal-mart for a
few needed items and as i went in i felt like the world was closing
in. by the time i got home - tears. i cried all nite! much better
today, but i think reality set back in.
i miss my cabingirls, i miss my vintage sliding bedroom doors
and walking out to the view of squam lake. i miss the hugs,
i miss the smiles and the full acceptance i felt while there.
i just miss that. all that.
so no intentions of sounding woe is me, just curious if i am
the only and if you have felt this - know i am sending a hug
your way.
for anyone who is looking for a soul mantra, do i have a
place to visit. liz elayne....oh how i adore her....has some
of her mindful necklaces on her etsy shop. apparently they
are some hot potatoes, they seem to be flying out of the shop.
but i am sure she will have more....right LIZ?! go check them
out. HERE
happy thursday!


kristen said...

i wrote a post about this very thing yesterday. i miss every last drop of it too.

that's why today, i'm going to stay inside on this gorgeous sunny day, to process more photos from squam, so that i can live there a little longer.

good juju today...xo.

Liz said...

up and down is the way I seem to be going... still crying a lot, but then I was doing that when I was still at Squam. Real life set in on tuesday when I had to do work, and had to drive to the printers and one of my clients, and got stuck in wall to wall CA style traffic for an hour, trying to go 2 miles up the road... sigh, to be back in the quiet serene woods, but I can bring those woods back in a second of thought, and all and everyone's smiling faces and talk and laughter careening thru the woods are all with me in my little car on the big bad snarly highway

The Whole Self said...

you're not alone!

i've been feeling simultaneously high and strangely low all at the same time... i guess we just need to be patient with ourselves and go with the flow...

wish i had gotten the chance to get to know you better!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

look at those happy, beautiful faces!

yes, i am having this swirl of emotion but am trying to just keep focusing on all the love i felt.

thanks for the shout out my glad i got to talk to you today.


blushing bird said...

yes, it's me...thanks for seeking me out, kelly! you are definitely not alone. i am feeling the let down, too. but i have faith that it's temporary. that we'll draw fantastic strength from our experience soon. we just need to be patient with ourselves. patient and gentle. hugs right back at ya!

gkgirl said...

i am so happy that you
were able to go to this,
to share in this...
it sounds like it was fantastic.

jenica said...

um, i'm crying right now. ;-D i haven't had that let down sob yet, but i'm crying over every post i read about squam, emails that i receive, the crazy amount of hits i'm getting on my blog, kittens, paint, not having showered today... yeah, pretty much everything brings tears spilling over the edge.

and at the same time, i feel happier and more clear than i may have ever felt. i feel like i'm on the cusp of something fantastic. i'm the three year old on top of a slide, scared to go down because of the heights, and yet WANTING so badly to feel the wind in my hair. and so, we just have to close our eyes and let go.


ps will you email me dearest? i would love to have your address.

jenica said...

haha, your email didn't come through, but here's mine: jekinek (at) hotmail


Tracey said...

Oh, Kelly. I know what you mean. I miss you like crazy too! I'm clicking my heels and chanting: There's no place like squam. There's no place like squam. There's no place like squam.
(long pause)
Perhaps we'll say it together and we'll return to Hamilton. If not, I'm with you in spirit always and always, dear.

Kim Carney said...

I am feeling a let down too ... oh, wait, it's because I DIDN'T go! ;) It all sounds like so much fun. And from what I saw of the cabins, down quilts , etc ... you guys have much better sleeping arrangements than artfest ;0 I soooo wish I could have been there with you guys. xoxo

Beth said...

Oh "miss light up the room" are not alone with those feelings....we are all right there with you !!

I've had the let downs a few times now..... and then I tell someone yet another story from my time there and the tears come....and then read yet another post, and you got it...more tears !! And then I need to comment on most of those posts and again, a wet face !!!

It's amazing what SQUAM brought and did for so many of us...I never would have believed it if had someone had told me in advance that this is what I'd be feeling....

thank you for being beautiful and funny and making me laugh so hard at swirly's night !!!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, Kelly - I do miss ya! I, too, have been in and out of the doldrums this week. But if ever there were sweet doldrums, these are it. I'm so completely in awe of what we all experienced last weekend! I never could have imagined such a gorgeous vibe...

And what a gift to know we're all still vibing away, in our own little corners of the world, you know? The world needs that, good creative hearts. I feel stronger for knowing yours is out there.

Colorsonmymind said...

It is like I am walking around in a fog-a fog infront of tears. So a watery fog.


I loved meeting you darling, I loved giving you hugs, seeing you work.

It was just fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...I kind of just snapped back into teaching. The rush of 330 kids coming into my hall all at once gets me everytime. Something in me just switches on and I become that teacher part of me. But by Friday I was SHOT! So impatient. So bad. I would beg for their forgiveness tomorrow, but they don't really understand and often take advantage of any weakness, so I will plug on and hope I didn't ruin any relationships I had begun with any of them. They're pretty resilient little things and I think they know I care, really care, or at least they will get that eventually because thankfully that usually comes through in the end.
Thanks for your thoughts!
Love, Jess

Kirsten Michelle said...

i'm having ever such a hard time processing how nothing and everything has changed.
i miss it all so very much.

you, my lovely, are a pure delight!
i'm only sorry we didn't have more time together.

here's to staying and touch and connected until our next road trip ;-)

Kirsten Michelle said... that would be:
here's to staying IN touch and connected until our next road trip ;-)