some happy monday

cabin fever
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since mondays can sometimes be crap and today it is cold and rainy in middle earth - here is what i am happy about

1. big bro's 6-0 football season, GO WARRIORS!
[ i love watching him coach]
2. my nieces who think i am okay.
3. little c participating in golf regionals as a freshman
4. new music on my playlist
5. a notebook gathering new ideas, goals and lists
6. opportunities
7. phone calls and emails with my creative know who you are.
8. yueng-ling beer
9. a gorgeous weekend
10. my new studio layout that will really rock once i purge old supplies, books and furniture. i am about 1/2 way there.

happy monday!


Liz said...

yay, for a happy monday!!! Love your list... I see some things there that I may need to add to my own Monday list... and hey, I want a guru, is there a guru hotline? OH and I have a little (truly little) something I want to send to you (address by e-mail please chickie)

Kelly C. said...

happy monday, girlie!! love your list! here is what i'm thankful for right now:
another day of sun.
my cute dog running around the yard.
hearing about my little sister's adventures with her girl-friends. making dinner for friends.

kristen said...

i'm all about purging although i seem to be moving in're inspiring me.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

this made me smile widely. love this photo of you! and all that gorgeous green through the window. i want to step in to this photo for a day of conversation, listening, laughing, beer, campfires, and so much more that makes up the goodness of life.

so glad you are filling up that idea notebook!! that makes me very, very happy.

peace to you my friend,

Amy said...

Hey there, miz kelly:

So great to have you visit my blog and so great to know you.

I love your Monday list-I'm loving #5, too. and football-well, it just makes me happy in general.

Let's stay in touch!


Katrina said...

i'm so glad you have 10 things to keep you smiling and to combat the cold and rain! happy monday.

Sarah said...

Do I see Squam foliage behind you in that pic?? :)

I love your new playlist!

And I, too, am in the midst of designing some creative space - am halfway there on my home office, and have plans to make a sweetly lit corner in our attic my painting zone.

Happy Monday to you, too, dear Kelly! Wishing you warm breezes and fall sunshine....

Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

I looked into ordering some Yuengling for you, but apparently the brewery doesn't ship. Dang.