happy, a bit sleep deprived, blessed. sept 2008
it was everything i wanted and needed it to be. silly car
mates, cabin mates that i feel in love with. a dining hall
full of food and seconds! ice cream cones!
meeting those who i have only talked to via email, new
chicks who i adore and instructors who gave themselves
and their talents to each of us. i am not a wordsmith,
at this moment i wish i were. so when those, here at home
ask how it was - all i can do is smile and say "perfect"
if anyone knows where the hell lou is - shoot me an email!
the hugs, giggles, live music - the hauls to the dning room
and the magic swirls around in my crazy dark brain.
love runs deep for every creative soul who attened, this
gorgeous event, year one. history in the making i say.
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Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

so glad to have been one of your silly car mates! :)

Kelly C. said...

sounds dreamy, dear-heart!! i'm so glad you had a perfect time.

kristen said...

it was perfect.

Jamie said...

Lou is totally MIA...but when I find him, I have plans for him...:)
It was so great to get to know you...your beautiful art is now hanging above my desk, which gives me a reason to look back on the whole weekend and smile! (and wish I had an ice cream cone!)

matirose said...

so, so great to meet you kelly girl. you're better than ice cream...

liz elayne lamoreux said...


miss you.
adore you.

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

what a fabulous photo!!!
so happy to hear you all had so much fun and you left feeling so inspired :)

Sarah said...

Hey there, Squam Sistah! :)

Every evening this week, 'round about 6pm, I forget where I am and think, "Time for a beer with my Hamilton ladies!" And then I sigh... You guys were the best roomies!

And your post is perfect - it so encapsulates everything I loved about Squam. I keep thinking, how lucky to have been a part of all that! And then I think, no, not luck. Magic.

Katrina said...

oh so good to hear about your trip. it reminds me of being at the vermont studio center on an artist's residency a few years ago. we called it art camp! that's the only thing i can relate it to. it sounds like bliss! so glad for you...