this is me..

this is me.

and i am happy. really good day today.

how was your day.
c'mon tell me.


kristen said...

pretty you.

my day was great, spent by the sea with my family, collecting shells and so much sea glass i felt a little greedy.

tomorrow the beach again. vacation + my sister visitin + with her kids = fun.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Love the cheerful picture! Thanks for the reminder to take time to express gratitude when our days do go well. It's easy to whine when they're bad, but what about the good days?

Mine has been great as well--fun experimentation in painting, lazy movie-watching with my husband, now listening to ridiculously energetic birds outside. Not too bad. :)

vivienne said...

hi lovely you!

i worked a night shift last night so after sleeping i treated myself to a tear-jerker of a movie and gluten-free pizza! my kinda chill-out afternoon!

Stash said...

you look beautiful - inside out - that's all that matters
have another one tomorrow =)

stef said...

so cute! xoxo

Liz said...

You are TOO gorgeous! Glad your days are looking so good!

melanie said...

you are glowing with happiness!

my day is a sunny, fresh air, kids everywhere, good coffee kind of day.

{insert smile here}


beth said...

hey beautiful you....
I'm sending a hug your way along with a belly laugh just because we all need those...often !

Sarah said...

Hey there, Kelly! It's so good to hear when one of my favorite gals is happy! :) Hope today's another glorious day. (And loving the Vintage Grape Locket my eye's just landed on - how pretty!)

Swirly said...

You are foxy. ;)

jenica said...

so love this pic of you.
and that happiness just bounces right out of you.


pERiWinKle said...

beautiful. xx