..9.. i dug those shoes..

he's academic, i am creative
he exercises, i used to
he runs, i walk
he is salt, i am pepa.


kristen said...

happy anniversary, beautiful you! xo

jenica said...

what a gorgeous pic of you too! i hope you have a lovely anniversary.


Liz said...

happy anniversary girlie! and those shoes! indeed, but what about that sassy girl in her strapless dress!?!

Sarah said...

Look at you guys! :) What a great pic.

Happy anniversary, cuties!

Swirly said...

And you are both supa-fly! Congratulations!

peach said...

but, you're BOTH beautiful.

Erin said...

girl, your family is adorable. congrats
...oh, and I used to represent the LBC :)

MadFlyTom said...

Hey....I remember that day.

I think you should re-title this photo to:
"This is the day an overly intoxicated tag-team of Mike R. and Tom Stahl introduced Kelly and B. to such disco wonders as 'the sprinkler', 'the lawn mower', and the ever popular 'shopping cart'.

:) 9 Years ago! Wow, time really does fly!


beth said...

and mine is the opposite of me....funny how that works out, huh ?

liz elayne lamoreux said...

really beautiful.
happy anniversary dear ones.

and those shoes are awesome!!


Kelly C. said...

gorgeous gorgeous.
happy happy anniversary.
all love.

Steph said...

Belated Happy Anniversary wishes to you! That's a great pic. :)

Goddess Leonie * said...

awwww... happy birthday precious! you two look so very happy to be married... meant to be together ~ perfectly blended :)


Katrina said...

fantastic! happy anniversary to you. xoxo,k.