check em' out!

pink girl art pendant, now on etsy

five new baubles on etsy....please go check them out.

part of a little collaboration with liz elayne. my girls, her
charm. i love them.

so with that i am going to give you five really happy items
that are going on in my life.

1. working away in the studio.

2. being part of the good hearted - heather, wow what
a kind chick. i am so happy to be part of this.

3. two, count em' two giveaways on the horizon. stay tuned
more info will be coming in the next week.

4. 4 of my original pieces of art will be part of the 1st annual squam art show.
you have no idea how happy this make me.

5. i will be part of the paper and stitch gallery starting next

more to come. so much goodness. i so appreciate everyone
who has been giving me a nudge.

peace. out.


peach said...

i'm so proud and happy for you, my dear friend!!!

jenny said...

I am totally swooning over your necklaces. One day I'll have one to grace my neck. Seriously so beautiful!