the girls of sommer::#2

porch life....squam lake

jenica at
the one little one has started some end of the "sommer" fun.
if you attended the squam art retreats last september you will recognize
jenica and this weeks giveaway sponsor - kristen.

kristen is the outgoing, sassy, and most talented force behind acukiki.
what you might also not know that she is also a roller derby queen,
an acupuncturist and chinese herbalist, a the mama of one sweet little cherub.

when i met miss acukiki, in our superhero class, i was immediately drawn
to her generous, sassy spirit. i have been blessed this past year with phone
calls, notes in my postbox and one of my alltime most cherished
polaroid camera.

piscina...original polaroid

i am the proud owner of fruit. kristen's images are
raw, beautiful images of everyday happenings. many
that she finds as she strolls the streets of nyc.

fruit....fine art print

kristen can be found in her space, in her shop or on flickr.

if you'd like a chance to win...head on over to jenica's place.

leave a comment with what is inspiring you today.
comments will close on thursday, july 30th, at 11:59 MST and
winner will be announced on friday.

***this is week 2 of 8 weeks of giveaways! so head over each

week to check out another girl of sommer.

peace, ya'll!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

oh kristen is so lovely. she eased my fears when we had to photograph one another in the superhero class.