..five woot friday..

backyard glass - july 2009

five funky finds for friday.....oh yeah, their all good.
pouncing is fun.

1. ib watson - check these out.....for the photographer in each of you.
2. coup - have to get one of these tees.
3. pinkytoast - her girls rock and make me giggle.
4. vm jess - i just got happy.
5. smollthings - my friend tracy, who is so talented but just refuses
to believe it, is making these oh so cool mugs. i dig them.

okay that is my five for friday. you got any?

now go enjoy your weekend.


liz elayne lamoreux said...

okay this list is great!
love love love those mugs. yes. i am thinking i might need one. (imagine one for each person in oct....)

here is my new favorite find:

loving those lockets.

mati rose said...

love those mugs! and this wedding photo below! and the music of jolie holland's "littlest bird" that's playing from your blog right now. what a treat you are :)

Jenni Horne said...

Hello there. Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. Always nice to get a comment!

Tybee Island is about 4 hours from our house. But, if I were to vacation on a Georgia beach it would be St. Simons Island hands down. It is our favorite! King and Prince is an amazing old world hotel. check it out! Happy creating....especially those necklaces!