wedding weekend

our friend strasser got hitched this weekend.
i had the honor of producing all the wedding
stationary. it was very simple, crimson in color
[strass is a wally]. gerbera daisys [my favorites]
and best of all, when he and kristin recited
their vows...they meant them. you could
hear the enthusiasm. they are so in love

those are the very best weddings.

strasser lived with us one summer when he
was working at wabash. he brought us
pizza and beer almost nightly. we all sat
around and talked, and ate.
he is part of
our family.

one a different is almost back in
session. cheri' will be heading back to iu. i
will have my hallway and closet back. yesssss!
gabe will have his bedroom back and we will get
back to whatever today is considered a normal
schedule. i can finally have some peace in the
house during the day. clancy and gabe will
have to settle their differences in the halls
of jr. high. oh the poor administration.

i will lose my husband for another 9 months,
i will be bitchy when too much falls on my
shoulders. gosh why can't i just deal with
this and move on. some days i think i am
psycho! maybe not psycho, but nothing
a little zoloft wouldn't relieve.

no i think i will just work on getting rid of
my [woe is me attitude] and embrace my
nine months of solitude.

yep thats what i am going to do!
remind me of this when i am
bitching and
[ i could win an award for whining ]

big blue ribbon for kelly


Raquelle said...

Hey Kelly,

Sounds like a good wedding. You should post a picture of the stationary you did!
I'm sorry to hear your husband is leaving for 9 months. That must be very difficult.
By the way, how many kids do you have?

Swirly said...

Flippin' SWEET!