i've been tagged by swirly and i feel funny about participating. i just don't have that
many viewers on my blog....but what the hell i'm in. swirly named me, so i will step
up [ she is one of my sheros ]

here are my five idiosyncracies...

1. i laugh like betty rubble
2. i always root for the underdog
3. i tend to be attracted to older men, yet i married
a man 10 years younger than me
4. i despise rude people with cell phones [i don't own a cell phone ]
5. i hate alot of noise and i am extremely claustrophobic
[ you will find me outside during
parties or sitting in an empty room.
[ thank you lord for allowing me to work at home...amen ]

okay now it's your turn...tom, raquelle, violette, kim

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