i am painting my studio today....
okay i'm not painting it, i have hired
someone to do it for me. we worked
out a sweet deal and it was worth the
money, especially since i have no time
to do it! cheri' will put together all
of my ikea purchases, desk, bookcase,
futon, etc. i will post before and after photos so
that you can see how pathetic it is now
and how great it will look!

when i look at the before pictures, i want to
cry...i cant believe i have worked in this hole
for this long. everything is at eye level, nothing
creative, horrible dark eggplant walls,
clutter-clutter-clutter. i don't know how
i am even creative.

to end on a happy note, we had a big family gathering
yesterday to celebrate my parents 45th wedding
anniversary. it was a great day

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Swirly said...

Very exciting!! I can't wait to see the pictures of your transformation. :)