i have started running again...

as bryce wakes me up, i moan in
pain and beg that we not run today.
but he knows that i am just tired and
once we stretch and get out on the road
i will be okay. and i am. today i ran a
whole extra block. hey quit laughing.
i am not a natural born runner. i don't
have long lean legs - i was blessed with
stubby chunky legs. legs that drag
as i run. which brings me to my next
thought - clancy

oh that sweet little cherabim - clancy.
she is running cross country, so i thought
if i train for the 5k again this year, she and
i can run it together. that would be a nice
mother-daughter day. so when i told her
i wanted to do this with her she snorted...
yeah that's what i thought. what is up
with the snort. of course i asked. she
explained that it was beyond the realm
of possibility for her
to run with me,
because i run like a dork!
such a blessed
little thing, she can't run with
me, because
i embarrass her. embrass her? what the

hell does she mean embarrass her. i am
the hippest mom on the block! my children
are so sweet, i just can't imagine my life
without them. i could just eat them up.

reminds me of wedding receptions when
bryce and i are dancing to a really great
song and i look over as i throw out the
fishing line to reel bryce in and cheri'
is sitting in a corner with a look of
disgust! my children just adore their

sad thing is pay backs hurt. i remember
watching my mom, as a child, thinking
was i adopted? surely god would have
never placed me with this. i often
wonder if i had been nicer to my mom,
my kids wouldn't be so hard on me.

doubt it.

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