busy busy busy

i have just made it through another hectic weekend...
another weekend of very little down time, no time
to lock myself away and create....

i missed penelope's opening nite at the munce art
center....bummer. but i did get to see gabe perform
with the high school band. he looked so small out there
on the football field and i got to see my pal rex beat
a state ranked team. chs has never beaten danville
and the friday nite frenzy was exactly that. my dad
was a varsity football coach. i spent my fall evenings
on the field with my dad. i also spent the summer at
two-a-days. dad would throw my bike in the back of
the old dodge and i would sit in the back of the truck
for the 11 mile trek on the back roads of montgomery
county. i often wonder how i never fell out of that
truck! mothers would cringe today. we just went with
the flow.

to top off the whole weekend. on my way to lafayette
today. my clutch went out on my [new-used] 94' saab!
i had 3 kids with me. we have been struggling with the
reverse. it is manual and i have to put it in first and
the quickly jack it into reverse [somehow the rocking
back and forth eventually throws it into reverse]
and if that doesnt work, i have to have gabe push me
so i can get in a position to drive forward. we might
as well be ma and pa kettle. gabe thinks is it the coolest
thing to push the car. i am sure the transmission will have
to be replaced. so much for putting christmas $$$ back.

oh i am ready to slow down on the design work, so i can
put my create flow to work. the ideas are not only swimming
in my head, but i have sketches all over the studio. i am just
going to have to set aside an hour or two a day to create.

money vs art....oh the pain!

buffett...3 days and counting

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Swirly said...

HA! That quote is brilliant - "Money vs. art - oh the pain!" You summed up perfectly what so many of us feel!!