baby it's cold outside

goodness it is chilly.

yes i know, i is only the end
of october.
how am i going to handle
the next
4 months? i really struggle with
cold. i tend to wear liteweight sweaters
in the summer. i am always wrapped up
in something.

my nailbeds are already showing signs of
winter aches. they have the burning

sensation today and show a tinge of blue.
i can't even imagine dealing with january temps.
i may
have to invest in an electric blanket for
the studio.

i am going to have to go to sam's so i can buy
coffee and green tea in bulk!

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la vie en rose said...

I am anti-cold too. I'd rather it be hot. To me you can always take off clothes, but when it's cold it seems you can never put enough on, at least not enough to also move comfortably. And I'm one of those that still has her space heater on in her office in mid-July so winter is very, very rough on me. Last night was the first time we'd turned out heater on. The pilot light went out in the middle of the night so we had quite a chilly morning. Ugh!