thankful thursday

wabash collage - crawfordsville indiana

i am sure there is a blog somewhere that

supports a thankful thursday, but today
it is me.

it is fall break at our house. we slept in till
8am, bryce ran for coffee and i made him
eggs. good farm eggs. you know the brown
eggs, the kind we gathered as kids. i made
the kids hot chocolate to go with the impressive
breakfast of cherry poptarts.

as the kids play x-box [yes, i know i am a bad mommy]
and bryce reads the paper, our house is very quiet.
i gaze out my studio window, and the ground is wet,
but the autumn colors are still vibrant under the

i am thankful for...

a husband who loves me [even though i am moody]
healthy kids who don't struggle in school
a best friend who makes me laugh till my belly aches
my warm comfy studio
many designer friends who inspire and help me daily
my full time job that is at home
walks with my parents
losing 10 lbs in the last 3 weeks
my swirly collage that should be arriving any day
and my "bloom" soul birdie ordered yesterday

and my new circle of creative woman who remind

me constantly that i can do this....amen


melanie said...

what a list, kelly -- so much to be thankful for and good for you for taking the time to count those blessings!

p.s. you're tagged -- check my blog :)

la vie en rose said...

Great list...I love the soul birdie.

Swirly said...

Beautiful. :)