studio friday

here are my most unusual items
in my studio. i bought the dish...
how funny, it has legs, at artist own.
it is an artist coop for women in lafayette.
i bought it even though i was broke. it
just makes me smile. it is one of my favorite
pieces in my house. the others are funky
bodies that my dad made in his studio. aren't
they crazy? he made them for me. we have
the same warped sense of humor.
i love them!


Tine said...


Welcome to 'Studio Friday'!!!
unusual things you got! I love that bowl though, the birdies are so cute on it's edge (of course...hahaha) and the suns are gorgeous! :-)
Very unusual...

melanie said...

kelly, these are way cool... love the dish, so unusual interesting, and how cool to have an artsy dad :)