studio friday [golden yellow]

well this is as golden yellow as i can get for this
week. i am quickly realizes how badly the
digital camera crisis is....i have got to purchase one!
this is gavin my neurotic yorkie. he drives me nuts

and is very camera shy. he literally hides his face
when i pull out my camera. what does this have to
do with my studio....he has a bed under my art table
and he sunbathes while i work! if i did have a digital
the photo would have featured my new golden
yellow and black tool box. i purchased it at
wal-mart for a whopping 4.95! i love that tool box.
i makes me organized!


Bea said...

What a cutie!

Raquelle said...

I'm so glad you put up a pic of your yorkie. What a cute little dog!
Ok I better stop myself before I go into doggy/baby talk. hee hee

melanie said...

so cute!!

naomi said...

He's "so" cute

Swirly said...

I just discovered Studio Friday through your site - how fun! :)

alex said...

I think that wins some kind of prize for the cuties golden yellow

alex said...

thanks for stopping by my site, I made the flower with organmi paper and then attached steams.

Alina Chau said...

Ooooooh Cute doggy!!