forty-first big list katroo every year, on the day you were born
they start the day right in the bright early morn
when the birthday honk-honker hike high up to mt. zorn
and lets loose a big blast on the big birthday horn.
and the voice of the horn calls out loud as it plays:
wake up! for today is your day of all days!
{happy birthday to you - dr. zeuss

today i turned 41, so i am following suit with a few others
who made a list of things to do before their next big day....

1. believe in myself a larger desktop in my art
area so that i can get a better flow 3. produce at least
3 small pieces a week. 4. teach my kids basic everyday
chores, so that they are more productive 5. take time to read
6. smile more.... 7. be nicer to my family 8. take a trip
9. finish my website 10. be more frugal 11. volunteer
12. invoice in a timely manner. 13. write smaller
14. get new clients 15. exercise 16. send notes to friends
17. run in another 5k 18. eat more sushi 19. learn to crochet
more than just scarves 20. lose 10 more lbs 21. keep it off
22. organize the garage 23. buy more clothes
24. buy 3 more bras and some undies 25. take art classes
26. attend gallery shows 27. make better meals 28. get a passport
29. plant lots of flowers 30. be happy 31. be less judgemental
32. keep my computer station clean 33. buy more art
34. stop procrastinating 35. pray more 36. visit my siblings more
37. have a list notebook - only one! 38. drink water
39. work on concepts 40. submit artwork


Enid Yvette said...

Happy B-day, Kelly. I hope you have many returns for the day. Your list is great. I have a b-day coming up soon myself, I need to make a list like this too.

la vie en rose said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Here's to you and your wonderful list!

PS...I got that Dr.Seuss book for my little boy when he turned one. We read it together for each

Raquelle said...

Happy Birthday Kelly. Thanks for sharing your list. I really gotta do #24 too and I admire you for admitting it.

melanie said...

happy {belated} birthday, kelly!! hope you had a great day! what a great list... definitely some worthwhile things to strive for!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I just love your journal entry!! Have you considered submitting to Somerset Studio!??? You might consider it!

Love Violette