studio friday [lost and found]

hmmmmm....i could have posted hundreds of

items on this topic. i mean really, i am always
losing something. terrible a.d.d.! but that
is one of the woes of being creative i think.

i found this train last month while cleaning
out a box in the garage. it must have been
in the box for over 7 years. my grandfather
was a woodworker and made this while
my mom was pregnant with me. [he was
for sure i was going to be a boy]. it is
so dear to me. yes i know, if it is so dear
to me than why did i forget it was in the box!

have a great weekend!


tine said...


What a treasure gem to be found again!!! It is so beautiful and inviting to play with it, hah!
Sometimes we misplace even things that are usually dear to us without being aware of it. It happens but then once we find it again it is a very special moment for us and meant to be because of the circumstances we found it again. It makes us stop and is like a little miracle and makes it all the more special.
Only you will know when you found it and I am sure that it wasn't at a seemingly random time... ;-)

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

The best things in life are those that have been lost and then found... it's only then that we discover their true worth...

Heather said...

I do the same thing. ADD does seem to go alone with the creative personality type, huh?

Hanna said...

What a tresure, a creative thing made while you were made in your mothers tummy! Cute, hope it will stay in sight now when you've found it again!

have a great weekend you too!

Marianne said...

It's so easy to loose track of the things and even people that we love. Great that we have second chances to treasure the things we have lost and found again :-)

Bea said...

Sometimes it´s good to loose something so you can find it again and be really, really happy about that unexpected surprise!

la vie en rose said...

How wonderful to have such a lovely piece of craftmanship from your grandfather...little girls like trains too.

melanie said...

ha, I was 'supposed' to be a boy, too :)

how awesome to have such a treasure that was created by your grandfather's hands... creativity and craftsmanship really run in your family!