random things about me

i have been tagged my miz melanie of

navylane. just in case you can't read
the collage above, here they are.

1. i hide my shyness by being sassy
2. i am really not a blonde
3. i am claustrophobic
4. my eyes are very blue
5. i don't like driving over bridges
6. i want to be a roadie on a ben harper tour

7. i am a color freak
8. my dining room is orange
9. i love the word happy
10. my husband is 10 years younger than me
11. i laugh loud
12. my husband is a work-a-holic
13. red stripe is my favorite beer
14. i suck at math [pan down on page]
15. my middle name is colleen
16. i am a scorpio
17. i am always cold
18. i used this collage because i messed it up
19. i create
20. i am done

you're it...swirly, michelle ...oops she was already tagged, raquelle, tine


iHanna said...

I dunno about messed up collage, I think it looks so great - pink and fun and with a great list! thanks for sharing!

la vie en rose said...

Great cool. And thanks for the tag even though...

I have Welcome to the Cruel World and love it...I'm a new Ben Harper fan...I'm 5 years older than my honey...I laugh out loud during movies and people often turn and stare...I like the word sweet

Swirly said...

I'm a scorpio too...when is your birthday? Love the collage. :)

Raquelle said...

Great list! I'm loving how you incorporated it with your artwork, even if it is a collage you used because you "messed up". Tres fab!

And I'm with you on #5. I freak out majorly when I drive over bridges. Especially really tall long ones that stretch over some length of ocean! EEK!

Thanks for tagging me!

Jus said...

this is *HOT*

Thanks for sharing.