bliss list

i know you may not want to see me on your way down from the clouds
would you hear me if i told you that my heart is with you now

she's only happy in the sun

did you find what you were after the pain and the laughter
brought you to your knees but if the sun sets you free you'll be free indeed

she's only happy in the sun

every time i heard you laughing it makes my cry like the story of life
is hello goodbye

she's only happy in the sun

-ben harper

happy happy bliss list.

whenever i visualize the word bliss is is always pink or fucshia.
i don't know why - it just is. michelle asked where everyones
bliss is mine

:taking an afternoon to go to broadripple or mass ave.
:paddy fries from marvin's [i will dip anything in nacho cheese]
:piddling in my studio for hours [my grandma melba always used
the word piddle]
:my countless creative magazines and books
:art supplies
:20minute hot showers
:working in my pjs and sweats
:losing myself in the arts and crafts area at barnes and noble
:all my new equipment, laserprinter - rebel xt - ikea gear
:reading for hours [this rarely happens]
:my crazy colorful warm happy house

amen.....happy tuesday!


Heather said...

I love your list, it's nice to see what makes other people so happy.

la vie en rose said...

amen! i always picture bliss as being pink too...with lots of frills...and very lacey...

Swirly said...

A wonderful list and really beautiful photo.