it's thursday!

gabe taking the initiative to go jog on his own
in preparation for the jingle bell run [runners
club was cancelled due to weather]

clancy explaining to be that her grounding is over

eventhough i thought there was another week.
guess what...mommy was wrong. she held her
cool with me the whole time - she was grounded
because of her inabililty to speak to her mother
in an appropriate manner - she has figured it least today

the pretty white snow

my warm, colorful house

dinner with my mom, aunts and cousin

mac in the fishbowl

my baby bro waiting for me to post this....hi ya casey

my new piercing



Heather said...

Your list is so sweet and light and cheerful, it made me happy when I read it.

la vie en rose said...

new piercing!!!! i must know more!