studio friday [wild things]

more than anything the wild
thing in my studio is my alter-ego.
ohhhhh the things i would do - the
places i would go. but i have kids
to get on the bus, dinner to make
dust bunny's to sweep - ads to
build - invoices to send. ughhhhh

a key west christmas - sippin' my
red stripe, laying in the warm sun
listening to buffett....ahhhhhhh


Swirly said...


la vie en rose said...

i love this! a girl needs a good alter-ego!

sallyt said...

Love the a.e. . . And I wish I had some invoices to send - that's a blessing, girl! Sallyt

Misty Mawn said...

when you go...take me with you!


tine said...

hahha, I love it!!!!