studio friday [tah-dah]

tah dah!'s beginning
to look a lot like christmas

finally - i have finally finished
my decorating for the season.
a huge accomplishment that
was completed last nite

i found the tree i had been
envisionling, white paper
with festive colored ribbon
[that goes with my festive
colored house]...sweet!

my grandma tree that represents
the blue trees i loved when i
was a child. blue means christ
to me

my itty bitty tinsel tree with
drink umbrellas....i bought them
last year with the vision

and my red and green/crate
and barrel ball lites that match
my retro kitchen.

and miraciously i was able to put
away all the clutter as well.

happy friday


erilyn said...

I especially love your grandma tree...

melanie said...

your decorations look so great... and do i see that you already have presents wrapped?! wow, you've got it together girl!

Tine said...

Oh wow, this looks soooo ta-da-ishy (made up new word again, hahah) looking house!!! I love it! hey, kelly, do you want to come over to mine next and help me decorate? I haven't decorated, yet...

la vie en rose said...

so do you hire out your services because my house needs some serious help?!?!?

Sharon Wisely said...

OMGosh...Sure wish I could be there to see all of this Holiday in the real!

Marianne said...

You have so many trees!! This is the first year I have two Christmas trees: one little tree in my studio and one big tree in my livingroom. I really like your little one with the umbrellas... so colorful! :-)

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing your prettiness.

Swirly said...

Multiple trees?! You are a decorating Superhero!! How fun!