i am blessed!

blessings to each of you who
have filled
my life with such
joy this past year. i hold
i special place for all of you in my heart.
you have all
inspired me as an artist,
crafter, mother and as a person. so i say
be happy
enjoy the season, hug and
love those dear to you, remember those
who are suffering and pay it forward.

say hello those you pass on the street,
extend your hand when needed and
lets all smile more and pass it on.
i love the dave matthews video
where the guy goes out and hugs
anyone who will let him - priceless.

peace on earth and good will towards all.....

peace and grace


Marilyn said...

Although I'm new to your blog, just wanted to say Happy Holidays. Cute tree on your card. Looking forward to reading more in the coming year...

la vie en rose said...

thank you mizz kelly! blessings to you my friend! and merry christmas.

Raquelle said...

Such a beautiful design! Good job. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Heather said...

THank you, beautifuly written. That card is super cute!!

Swirly said...

I LOVE your card!! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. :)