it's thursday and i am thankful...

i am thankful that it will soon be friday
i am thankful that my husband helped me wrap gifts
i am thankful that i get to swim with my aunt weekly
i am thankful for my warm, colorful house
i am thankful for a friend who makes me laugh till it hurts
i am thankful for healthy parents
i am thankful for clancy singing and gabe's humor
i am thankful for daily talks with tom
i am thankful for my dream about my iupui boys
i am thankful my love for the arts
i am oh so thankful to have a world outside of cville
oh....and for casey (El Conquestador) who keeps me on my toes
*(casey is demanding that i address him as El Conquistador...damn diva)


1 comment:

la vie en rose said...

love the goodness...and who wouldn't love someone who makes people call him el conquistador...hehe..too funny!