i am blessed!

blessings to each of you who
have filled
my life with such
joy this past year. i hold
i special place for all of you in my heart.
you have all
inspired me as an artist,
crafter, mother and as a person. so i say
be happy
enjoy the season, hug and
love those dear to you, remember those
who are suffering and pay it forward.

say hello those you pass on the street,
extend your hand when needed and
lets all smile more and pass it on.
i love the dave matthews video
where the guy goes out and hugs
anyone who will let him - priceless.

peace on earth and good will towards all.....

peace and grace


happy happy happy

happy.....hmmm - oh i AM happy

happy that christmas is almost here

happy that i have my shopping done
happy because i am caught up
i love that i have happy people surrounding me
my studio is a happy place
i am happy because my cuz is bringing me 2 cases
of yingling beer - can't get it in indiana
i love my happy christmas tree
my kids seem happy
El Conquestador makes me happy
and finally it makes me happy that
i have found a spare moment to post

*is that not the happiest smile ever! too precious

happy thursday everyone


studio friday [tah-dah]

tah dah!'s beginning
to look a lot like christmas

finally - i have finally finished
my decorating for the season.
a huge accomplishment that
was completed last nite

i found the tree i had been
envisionling, white paper
with festive colored ribbon
[that goes with my festive
colored house]...sweet!

my grandma tree that represents
the blue trees i loved when i
was a child. blue means christ
to me

my itty bitty tinsel tree with
drink umbrellas....i bought them
last year with the vision

and my red and green/crate
and barrel ball lites that match
my retro kitchen.

and miraciously i was able to put
away all the clutter as well.

happy friday



it's thursday and i am thankful...

i am thankful that it will soon be friday
i am thankful that my husband helped me wrap gifts
i am thankful that i get to swim with my aunt weekly
i am thankful for my warm, colorful house
i am thankful for a friend who makes me laugh till it hurts
i am thankful for healthy parents
i am thankful for clancy singing and gabe's humor
i am thankful for daily talks with tom
i am thankful for my dream about my iupui boys
i am thankful my love for the arts
i am oh so thankful to have a world outside of cville
oh....and for casey (El Conquestador) who keeps me on my toes
*(casey is demanding that i address him as El Conquistador...damn diva)




cheerios...i love a bowl with honey. not sugar,
honey. honey, because my mom was and is
a granola girl. we couldn't use sugar, bad....
we had to use honey. i was the kids who's
mother wouldn't let her eat sweets, so i craved
them. just like i craved cigarettes. i could
sit down and eat dozens of sugar cubes.
yeah....not a good thing.

this morning a ate a bowl of cheerios with honey...yum!


studio friday [what was i thinking]

what was i thinking....
we took off to indy yesterday
knowing that there was a snow
storm coming - but we
went anyway. by the time
we got out of the mall at
5:45, there was about 6 inches
of snow on the ground.
what should have been
a one hour drive, turned
into almost 4 hours.

so in celebration of our

safe journey home, i threw
open my studio window and
scooped up a big bowl of
snow and built a mini snowman
for my studio [poor soul is melting
as i type] sorry frosty. i put him
in my new mug from starbucks -
isn't it cute!

ohhhh....happy friday [stay warm]


dear john

i sat on my living room floor,
a freshman in high school.
i remember them interrupting
the show we were watching
such shock and sadness
your vision truly affected my are missed.


studio friday [wild things]

more than anything the wild
thing in my studio is my alter-ego.
ohhhhh the things i would do - the
places i would go. but i have kids
to get on the bus, dinner to make
dust bunny's to sweep - ads to
build - invoices to send. ughhhhh

a key west christmas - sippin' my
red stripe, laying in the warm sun
listening to buffett....ahhhhhhh

bliss list

i know you may not want to see me on your way down from the clouds
would you hear me if i told you that my heart is with you now

she's only happy in the sun

did you find what you were after the pain and the laughter
brought you to your knees but if the sun sets you free you'll be free indeed

she's only happy in the sun

every time i heard you laughing it makes my cry like the story of life
is hello goodbye

she's only happy in the sun

-ben harper

happy happy bliss list.

whenever i visualize the word bliss is is always pink or fucshia.
i don't know why - it just is. michelle asked where everyones
bliss is mine

:taking an afternoon to go to broadripple or mass ave.
:paddy fries from marvin's [i will dip anything in nacho cheese]
:piddling in my studio for hours [my grandma melba always used
the word piddle]
:my countless creative magazines and books
:art supplies
:20minute hot showers
:working in my pjs and sweats
:losing myself in the arts and crafts area at barnes and noble
:all my new equipment, laserprinter - rebel xt - ikea gear
:reading for hours [this rarely happens]
:my crazy colorful warm happy house

amen.....happy tuesday!


happy happy happy

Originally uploaded by indigochickie.

it's about following your bliss,
losing it and finding it again.
~natalie chapman


happy happy happy...
i had such a great night!
i finally got to go to an
art show in indy. and
i got to meet someone
i really admire...penelope!
i took my mom and dad, they
loved it! fountain square is
such a fun place. we went
to dinner and the whole time
all they talked about was going
back again. so it looks like
i have permanent dates for
the art scene....

sweet dreams



it's thursday!

gabe taking the initiative to go jog on his own
in preparation for the jingle bell run [runners
club was cancelled due to weather]

clancy explaining to be that her grounding is over

eventhough i thought there was another week.
guess what...mommy was wrong. she held her
cool with me the whole time - she was grounded
because of her inabililty to speak to her mother
in an appropriate manner - she has figured it least today

the pretty white snow

my warm, colorful house

dinner with my mom, aunts and cousin

mac in the fishbowl

my baby bro waiting for me to post this....hi ya casey

my new piercing