indiana morning moon

reflecting on all my blessings...

my funny husband

cheri's independence
gabe's silly sense of humor
clancy's singing debut
my wide range of friends
a warm, colorful studio

all the new toys that i have
been able to purchase this
past year...who needs clothes!

my auntie lynne - don't know what i would do without her

my creative artist mind
jimmy buffett - live at fenway
my ole striped blanket wrap
the kind words and encouragement from so many of you

being able to work from home
and getting to be a mom.

what are your blessings.....


la vie en rose said...

amazing blessings! and may more and more pour forth.

Misty Mawn said...

Thanks for sharing with us! BEAUTIFUL!!!
A few of my blessings...My little ones, my husband, my parents, a sunny day, and being able to create !!!