pink and red on tuesday

{valentine atc's} 1st atc trade

happy valentines's day to each and everyone

of you. sending hugs...whopping hugs to all. i am
so blessed to receive the encouragement, support
and laughter from each of you. may this day be
filled with lots of love, friendship, candy hearts
and chocolate.

i dig those necco candy hearts!

happy music for the day....

ben harper ~ beloved one
sarah mclachlan
~ ice cream
al green ~ let's stay together

van morrison ~ brown eyed girl
jimmy buffett ~ come monday
dave matthews band ~lover lay down

happy vd day!


Smed said...

We're supposed to have an 'adult dinner' tonight - Liz merely requested my presence as the only present she wanted - well - except for some flowers this weekend - after the prices have gone down! (She's frugal, and smart - but you knew that!)

mati rose said...

those look scrumptious!!!

la vie en rose said...

ditto my friend. hope you have a great one! chocolate kisses to you!

tine said...

thank you!!! ;-)

Oh those cards look so glamourous and sparkly!! I love it!! Look at you!!!


Colorsonmymind said...

Happy Valentines day Kelly!

That Al green song was our wedding song-love it.

ScrapHappy said...

Found your blog through I live for cake! and wanted to jot a note. Your ATCs look great. And tell me -- is that a soul birdie you are wearing in your profile photo?

megg said...

Happy Valentines Day to you (belated!) Hope you had a wonderful one. Good song list by the way! Makes me want to eat chocolate and dance with my hunny!

MARYBETH said...

Your cards look terrific!
I would love to see them close up.

THis creative world must be synchronized -i showed my hubby the SuperHero Bracelet I would like for my Birthday =)

MB from Claudines Collage Group

Heather said...

Happy Valentines day, thanks for the great music!!!