here is where i am at this morning.... i feel just plain crappy

my eyes are burning, my head is achey and i just
want to go to bed and pull
the covers over my
head. [sorry about the bad
rhymn...not intentional.]
i have the "incredible
shrinking eyes" syndrome.
the older i get, the
smaller my eyes get and my
annoying allergies
don't help in this matter.

we have a bug in our house. he has been
visiting for a few weeks. nothing major, but
he is here lurking and jumping back and forth
between the 4 of us. the can of lysol is coming

this is what i want to look like, i want some
energy, i want this headache to go away. i am
crabby and tired. so that is where i am at today.
i think i will work on my new mixed media piece
and finish that up. that will make me feel better.

on another note...look at that my bitchin' superhero

necklace! isn't she pretty. it makes me happy
to wear her.

thankful on thursday....

seeing the jack johnson video this morning
laughing about sticking my foot in it with my old boss
my warm striped blanket wrapped around me
dove chocolates
giggling with gabe and clancy this a.m.
looking over at my new collage

the phone message from swirly that i can't erase
and listen to over and over again

my emails from
kim, melanie, penelope and tine

very thankful for mac, el conquestador and steph
last nites visit with an old friend
warm showers

my cappuccino machine

happy thursday


la vie en rose said...

crappy days suck...and so does being sick...and caring for sick ones. but i must say you are gorgeous! and that necklace accents your beauty wonderfully!

megg said...

Sorry you had such a bad day! But you're right, that is an AMAZING necklace. (I'm going to get one when I complete a goal!)

I hope that you are feeling better now & that the chocolates helped!!
Be well.

Tine said...

Hey, poor you! Get better soon!! I feel like crap myself today here, yikes! My muscles in my chest and neck and shoulders are all so tight that just touching my skin hurts. No idea how that happened.
Your superhero jewels look so sparkling gorgeous on you!!!

get better ;-))

The Individualist said...

Colourful necklace there. And now that you have many stamping their approval on your being gorgeous, you ought to be feeling a lot better. :D

Heather said...

Sorry your not feeling well, it's nice to see you have a grateful list even though you feel sick. Get well soon

Misty Mawn said...

I just hate days like that too! February just sucks!

My eyes have been so itchy and dry lately too...and my allergies have been waking me up in the morning...

YOur necklace is BEAUTIFUL! The colors are so happy!

Hope you are feeling better!

firstborn studio said...

what a darling girl you are! bug be gone~


Brandi said...

hope you are feeling better now. I hate the flu bug. Luckily it seems to pass fairly quickly for me, hopefully for you too! Brandi

Marilyn said...

Some days I pull out my Superhero necklace when I feel most crappy, too. And then I don't feel so bad anymore...and one of the reasons is that if I'm wearing it to work (where they don't know I blog), it serves as a reminder of my 'secret' life...the one that fills me up and brightens my days, no matter how rude and bitchy those women in the office are...HA!

Swirly said...

That Superhero necklace looks fabulous on you!! I hope your day got better. :)

melanie said...

i'm a bit late in wishing you a happier day (and i do hope that has already happened!) but just wanted to say i LOVE your necklace!!