happy tuesday

{layers of sketches on tracing paper}

happy TUESDAY to all. what a
great long weekend we had. the
kids were gone. saturday, b and
worked the boys swim sectional and
chs came out on top by 8 points...WHEW
that was close. the boys threw b in
and i had to bring him a change of clothes.
it was so cold, he would have been a
BIG popsicle if he had come home wet.
we went to dinner and the came home
threw on our jammies and were in bed
by 8pm. true BLISS it was!

i am quoting on a new job....HUGE job. well

considering i have gone a month without
steady jobs coming is huge to me.

the sketches ABOVE are what you can find
strewn all throughtout my studio. i am always
AMAZED at what i find laying around. i have sketches
doodles, and notes on all TYPES of papers. i find

them on invoices, job sheets, scraps of paper.
do you do this? i just BOUGHT sheet protectors, so
that i can START organizing my doodles! i just need
to be able to keep track of them.

if you are looking for something to get your CREATIVE
juices flowing or if you just want to hang with some
really HAPPY girlies....check this out. melanie and misty
have started a new creative fest! JOIN in and have some

need to get to work, get a workout in and then off
to get my tresses worked on!

happy tueday!


la vie en rose said...

your sketches are delicious!

firstborn studio said...

i love your little doodles...soooo sweet!

Swirly said...

What a great link!

Brandi said...

Very sweet. They seem almost angelic like. I love tracing paper for layering! Great work! Brandi

Colorsonmymind said...

Great doodles Kelly!

Alessandro_PPG said...

Hello! Great sketches! Bacana estes traços ilustrativos! Abraços!

sharon wisely said...

Your sketches are angel wings and sweet dreams.

Raquelle said...

I'm very glad to hear about the big job! I'm sorry I haven't stopped by to say hi in a little while! Things have been so crazy at work.

I love your sketches. Hope all is well in C'ville!!

Steph (Khya) said...

Good luck on your quote! Your sketches or very nice, and thank you for the link to inspire me thursday!

melanie said...

i love your doodles! keeping my fingers crossed for you on your big quote!