cotton candy

{oh so happy...}
this is just a really quick
and heartfelt post...i just
went to the post and found
an oh so happy postal envelope
addressed to my husband from
miz andrea scher.

i am an official superhero...yippee!!!

bryce of course is the true hero in
all of this. and if you knew how
hard it is for him to splurge and
give gifts, well then you would
know why i am singing his praises!

not only do i have my cotton candy
bauble, i also have andrea's biz
card and a lovely superhero design
postcard that i can hang on my
eye candy sphere!

happy wednesday - now i am off
to show it off over lunch


Alexandra S said...

I am wearing a Superhero necklace myself right this moment! You are in for a true treat. Every time I wear mine people ask me where I got it. I was one of the winners in her valentines story contest last year and thats how I got mine. I hope my husband can take a cue from yours and get me another. I actually have my eye on the cotton candy design. The moment I put mine on, I feel a zest of magic and know my day is going to be good! Enjoy yours!!

la vie en rose said...


Yummyteece said...

Congrats! I love Andrea's work.

And Kudos to your honey for getting that for you. Hooray for such a lovely and thoughtful gift.

Kristine said...

Excited for you!
I want one!

Colorsonmymind said...

Yeah! I want one too.

What a great thing- your husband stepping out of his comfort zone to give you something special:)

Swirly said...

You deserve it!!

heidi said...

you are the luckiest girl in the world! happy early valentine's day!

andrea inspires me each and every day with her honesty and wholehearted spirit...

now you are a superhero too! yipee!


patricia said...

that's too funny -- i was the same way when i got my pyrex for my birthday...even slept with it next to the bed...something about its powerful charms, you know?